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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School Is Back And Other News

So our trip to the Grand Canyon proved to be fatal to a like-new digital camera. We were caught walking in a torrential storm (read the Grand Canyon blog for details) and I put the camera in my back pack. I didn't realize that somehow water was pooling in the bottom and the camera was sitting in it. Our flash no longer works. Don't expect pictures for a while, at least not until the technology expert is home for longer than 2 days at a time.

You heard right. Ray is at Aberdeen this week. This should be his last out of towner for a while. The great news is, it sounds like he might find a way to get back early. That's great. We are still working to finish the two rooms. I should say Ray is still working to finish the rooms. There will be pictures when the camera is fixed and the rooms are fixed. Neither will be a small task.

On to our school news. So many children enrolled in kindergarten at the last minute, Hanan currently has 27 kids in her class. Luckily, I try to volunteer at the school. I heard rumblings that a class would be added and wasted no time talking with the new principal, Dr. Chandler. Several children are going to be pulled to make up the new class. She was great. Probably to keep me quiet, Hanan will stay in Mrs. King's morning class. That makes things much easier on us. Probably 5-7 children will be moved from her class, leaving it closer to 20 with Mrs. King and Mrs. McGibbon.

In our other very exciting school news, (if you don't want to hear a proud and bragging parent stop reading now) Arleigh will be the first Super Citizen in her class this year. It's essentially the student of the month. They are called Super Citizens because it's based on a character trait that is displayed. Arleigh's is "responsiblity" this time. She was a Super Citizen last year too. We'll get the big Indian sign for the yard. Arleigh is excited because last year she got a gift certificate to Jungle Golf. She's thinking it will be warm enough when Grandma gets here, that we'll all go then. By the time Grandma gets here, Bria could easily fall out and be my hole in one. We'll see about the golfing.

In pregnancy news, I'm seeing Dr. Shelton every week now. Bria is measuring on time as of last week. My blood pressure was up a bit last time and I was pretty swollen. I've started taking iron supplements and a antibiotic for a possible infection. All the swelling is gone. We'll see about the blood pressure on Friday. Tomorrow I'll be 35 weeks. So she would be relatively safe to come at any time now. Arleigh and Hanan were so early, I don't know what I'll do if Bria is late.

That's it for now. Hanan had piano today. Right after picking up Arleigh, there was a birthday party. We still have to finish off homework and take showers and get ready for bed. I'm going to be ready for bed before the girls! Only three more nights as a single parent...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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