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Monday, July 2, 2007

Washington D.C.

This week, we went to Washington D.C. Ray was there for work. We managed to get a little play time in while we were there.

We arrived late in the afternoon the first day and walked down to the zoo. One of the girls favorite things about D.C. is that you almost always have to take the metro somewhere. Their least favorite thing was walking to and from the metro. The zoo was great. The new Asia section is finished. The pandas were playing and eating popscicles. The elephant house was under construction, but we still got to see them up close and personal. Hanan still insists that she's going to be an elephant keeper. She is now wondering if zoo keepers can take care of elephants and panda bears. Their absolute favorite part was how disgusting the apes could be. They thought it was especially funny that their very pregnant mother might need to puke before getting out of the ape house. Of course, Ray was doing everything he could to help the old gag reflex along.
Our first day also happened to be Ray's birthday. We stopped at Cosi's for dinner and s'mores. You actually cook your s'mores at your table. The girls loved it. It wasn't exactly a huge cake but Ray had a pretty good time too. His s'mores were on giant oreo's instead of graham crackers. Okay, so mine were too. They were pretty darn good!
Our next day in D.C. included a trip to the mall. It wasn't as hot as D.C. can get in the summer but it was pretty hot. We must have walked between 7 and 10 miles. The girls were troopers. Ray was the real hero considering that almost the whole day he had someone on his shoulders. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of the someones. If I weren't the size of a beached whale, I might have tried too. Anyway, we saw the white house, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument. The new WWI monument. We walked my the Vietnam Memorial. That's the one place in D.C. where I get chills and cry uncontrollably. I opted to show it to the girls from a distance. We had lunch at the Museum of Natural History. The girls couldn't wait to see Rexy. I loved the Hope Diamond. I think Ray loved it all plus it didn't involve the words Disney or princess. We finally made it to the Air and Space Museum. You can feel sorry for Ray. He loves the Air and Space Museum. We had walked so far all day after about 20 minutes, Arleigh and Hanan decided it was just a bunch of airplanes and they needed to go back to the hotel. Next time, we'll have to start there for Daddy. After walking to the metro and a little longer ride, both girls were beat. I would up carrying Hanan who was sound asleep. Ray lugged Arleigh all the way back to the hotel.
The next day, Ray worked. The girls and I stayed in the pool. We had a nice day of swimming and feeding the fish at the hotel. It didn't take the girls long to learn the feeding schedule. We were required to be in the lobby every morning and every night so they could help feed the fish. We had a very nice dinner and fought the traffic home the next day.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. We're going to spend the rest of the week celebrating Hanan's birthday, the 4th and getting ready to go again. The 9th we leave for New Mexico. It's going to be a true planes, trains and automobiles story. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

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