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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sedona Arizona

So we left Sann, Evelyn, Tori, Phia and Nana Bonnie behind and drove 6 hours to Sedona Arizona. It was beautiful. Grandma kept saying that out of all the mountains she's seen, and she's seen a bunch, these were the most beautiful. Everything was red and hot. If I had a dime for every time I heard, "But it's a dry heat..." I would be rich. It might have been a dry heat but it was as hot as I imagine hell would be.

We saw the rocks but it was way too hot to hike. We went into every art gallery you could possibly imagine. We even saw original Van Gogh's and Chagall's. Hanan said that they looked like scribble scrabble and she could do a better job. The bronze sculptures were everywhere. They were beautiful. Some could bring a tear to your eye.

The highlight of this leg was a train ride from Williams to the rim of the Grand canyon. We watched a wild west show then got on the Grand Canyon Train. We were entertained by the sheriff, a singing cowboy and a few others. We were starving when we got to the canyon's rim. We took a quick peek and then hurried to a lodge for lunch. It was nice. The weather was beautiful so we decided to go on a 2 mile walk to an observation deck. About 1/4 mile in, the sky seemed to open up. Within seconds, we were soaked. Then about half way through the trail, Arleigh started saying, "This rain hurts." Of course it hurt. It was hail! The next pictures you see, if the girls are in t-shirts, it's because we had to buy them to warm them up. I won't tell you anymore than this. At one point Grandma made the comment, "What happens at the Grand Canyon, stays at the Grand Canyon." You'll have to ask her about that.

On the way back, our train was robbed! The cowboys from the show rode next to the train on horses with their guns out. They boarded and took any folded paper that we would give them. Like I said, we were robbed. The girls loved it. They thought it was hilarious especially when they kept asking if Arleigh gave all her tooth fairy money.

We ate at the cowboy club one night but that was about as much excitement as we found in Sodona. We drove back to New Mexico for dinner with the family and to pick up Nana Bonnie. Then we flew home. We are truly still recovering. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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