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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Part One

So we're back!!!! We had so much fun. I can't really remember alot about the planes, trains and automobiles movie, but I think we may have experienced most of it. We were in CO, NM and AZ over the course of 10 days. Our favorite part was being with all the family in NM. Arleigh and Hanan are still wishing they could somehow transplant Tori and Phia's house to Virginia Beach. I'll start with the first state and move on through the rest over the course of this week. Keep checking back, we have a ton of pictures!

Our vacation began with a flight to Colorado. We had a long delay in Chicago, but finally made it. I couldn't believe how good Arleigh and Hanan were with all the delays. A copy of A Night At the Museum on an ipod goes a long way in making them happy. We missed lunch with the delays and hit Colorado Springs around 4 their time. We went straight to Outback. It wasn't an exciting choice, but it paid off big time with a tip from our waitress to drive through the Garden of the Gods. It was beautiful and amazing.

The next day we got an early start and took a train up a cog railway to Pike's Peak. It was amazing. Arleigh tripped just before we got back on the train. She was crying and the only one of us with a bit of altitude sickness. At 14,000 plus feet, we were all feeling it a bit. The train ride was nice. We saw a few animals, not many. All the rock formations and history were pointed out. I got a glimpse of the road from the train. I don't think there is anyway I could have ridden in a car to the top. The conductor told us he had seen a bear in one of the valleys. The girls looked really hard. They wanted a picture of Grandpa. (They call him the Bear.) We never saw one.

We got down from the mountain, had some lunch somewhere in the middle of Colorado then drove on to New Mexico. It was the shortest leg of our trip, but I really enjoyed it. The railway to the top of Pike's Peak was one of the highlights. Another highlight happened in a Safeway in Colorado Springs. You'll have to call me for that story. Tomorrow I'll try to post all things New Mexico. See you then...

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