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Monday, July 23, 2007

New Mexico

Our Next stop was Santa Fe, NM where Sann, Evelyn, Tori and Phia live. The girls had so much fun. We saw so much culture there. Touring Santa Fe was nice. The best part was just being able to watch the girls play. They got along so well together.

Our first day, we went toured Santa Fe on the bus. It was really neat to see the architecture and hear some of the history. Arleigh is the only one who really paid attention. Hanan fell asleep. Arleigh made sure Grandma knew exactly where everything was. We finished off the day with soccer practice and dinner from Whole Foods. If they ever open the Whole Foods here at Town Center, we are in trouble. It was so yummy! Hanan and Tori celebrated their birthdays again that night. Hanan turned 5 on the 3rd and Tori turned 6 on the 6th. They loved their chocolate cake and ice cream.

The next day, the kids stayed home. Thank you Sann and Evelyn! Mom, Nana Bonnie (what the girls call my aunt) Ray and I went shopping. We topped off the night with a fabulous dinner and a Lyle Lovett concert. KD Lang opened for him. It was fabulous. Bria kicked and squirmed through the whole thing. My favorite part was a song about Wild Women. They asked all the Wild Women to scream. I look over and Nana Bonnie's sweater was half off and she was hooting and hollering. Mom was sitting there with her hands folded up in her lap and she was looking straight ahead. I think that's the story of their lives. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Lyle.

We went out to Bandalier National Forrest, which I probably spelled wrong. You can see it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandelier_National_Monument. The girls had a great time climbing the ladders into the homes in the sides of the mountains. A snake actually crawled right across the path in front of us. There were lizards everywhere. The only time anyone really freaked out were my girls having fits over bugs. I couldn't believe it, like we don't have giant bugs here in Virginia. The snake never phased them. Ray, Mom and I climbed about 150 feet of ladders to a ceremonial cave. It was really cool after we got up there. I had a great time teasing Sann that he wanted Bria to be born in that ceremonial cave.

We left for Sodona that day. It was sad to go. We are going to have to plan a family vacation for the girls to get together again. I wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the country. As much as we've begged, I don't think Sann and Evelyn have any plans to relocate to the east coast. Our best hope is that Ray would get orders to CO or NM. That would be okay with us for a couple of years. I don't think I'm any more ready to give up my beach living than they are their southwest living. We'll just have to keep the planes busy.

Tomorrow I'll try to post about "That Big Old Ditch," as Grandma says...about the Grand Canyon.

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