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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hanan's Fifth Birthday

It's hard for me to believe but Hanan is FIVE! The time flies by so quickly. Arleigh has always been very mature. Her birthdays make me wish for my baby but I'm more often thinking she is acting like she's fifteen. Not Hanan. She has been the baby for 5 years and relished every second of it. I can't believe that I'll be sending her off to kindergarten in the fall.

Hanan chose to celebrate (at my urging) by having a Hello Kitty party at the "paint store." Each child painted their own ceramic animal. Hanan was surrounded by pink Hello Kitty plates, napkins and hats. It worked out well for all of us. Hanan loved being with friends and painting and of course there was cake and presents involved. I loved that it all happened a block away from our house. I didn't have to clean up right before our big vacation.

Speaking of vacation... we just got back. Ray is working so hard trying to fix Bria's room. I promise to post more pictures of this party, the vacation and all the cousins very soon. Until then, I'll end with the family birthday song...

"It's Hanan's birthday and I'm so glad. Hope it's the happiest birthday Hanan ever had." I think it was except for the point when she actually tried to eat a candle. What can I say? She is her mother's daughter.

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