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Friday, July 6, 2007

The Fourth Of July

I love the fourth of July. I would love to say it's the military wife in me. It's not. I've loved it since I was a little girl. I still miss being in my Aunt Carolyn's pool all day long. There was an endless supply of BBQ, beans, chips and home made ice cream. I'll probably be forced to pay for the endless hours I spent in that pool and the pool at Oak Hills. I loved every minute of it.

Now I'm all grown up and I still love the 4th. This year, we downplayed the events a bit. Our friends had a baby a few weeks ago. He got a pretty nasty infection that kept him in the hospital. Their oldest, Virginia, spent the night with us. All the girls had a great 4th. They put on makeup, something Virginia can't do at home. We ate hot dogs for dinner. They stayed up late and slept in the floor of the playroom. At one point, they came to show me their "earrings." They put shiny fake fingernails on their little ears. It's was all I could do to not pee on myself. I told her I hoped her Mom and Dad would let her come back.

The holiday has changed for me over the years. Now I love to see the flags magically appear in our neighborhood. Someone puts flags out at every mailbox just in time for the fourth. I love watching the girls watch the fireworks. I love that Ray is at home for an entire day. I had a great fourth of July too.

I'll post pictures soon. Right now, I have to start getting ready for Hanan's birthday party. You can expect another post soon.

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