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Sunday, June 24, 2007

We're Level 5 Agents!

The week went by faster than I certainly thought it would. VBS week is always busy. In fact, I might describe it as chaos. So much happens to get ready for it. Then it's happening. It's not until it's over that I even have time to think about it.

The best part as a parent is watching Arleigh and Hanan have so much fun learning about God. They learned every memory verse. The songs and dances were performed in the living room every night. Their Baby Moses crafts and new Sonforce Agent badges are prized possessions. Of course every part of their bodies sported some new mission tattoo. Arleigh, to my horror, even put one on her face. Check out the picture. She very diligently washed it off last night all by herself. The songs will be in my head and in their CD player for at least the rest of the summer.

So it's over. I should be doing a happy dance since I will have a whole year before I have to do all that again. It is a bit anti climatic though. Along with any jubilation that I feel at having my personal life back, I do alot of Sunday morning quarterbacking. I should have prepared this craft...the story would have been better with this illustration...did the kids have enough fun? I taught the preschool class. The only feedback I get is the hug on the way out the door.

At any rate, it's over. We are celebrating by spending Ray's birthday with him in D.C. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures next week. If you want to see pictures of our VBS, check out http://www.norfolkcoc.org/ I'm sure they'll be posted soon.

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Tawnia said...

Oh, I wish we'd been there! I commented on Robert's blog about how much fun it sounded. I wish we even had enough kids to have a VBS, or enough people to do one. Hopefully, we'll be back by VBS time next year!!! Your blog is awesome, by the way! We all love seeing the girls and how much they've grown! Love ya, Tawnia

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