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Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's A Small, Small World Especially In The Navy!

So today was the 20 week appointment. Yes! We are actually half way through this pregnancy. It's hard to believe. I needed to get in to check on my kidneys, and get the paperwork done so I could actually get my labs complete. It was the last appointment of the day. Of course two cars had a fender bender right in front of us just as we were getting to the tunnel. I swear it will be a miracle if this baby isn't born in tunnel traffic! This is the one time I'm thinking my water better break in the middle of the night.

I digress. I rush to drop the girls off with the Pisellis, who by the way are saints to add two more kids the group for the afternoon. I rush to get to the hospital. The only thing NMCP has going for it is that I have never waited longer than 15 minutes, ever! It was my fault for telling Gloria I would be back in an hour, but today was much longer than 15 minutes. I am a little frustrated and alot relieved when I hear my name. The assistant walking me back is telling me that she works with Dr. Shelton. I think how odd, I knew a Dr. Shelton in Iceland. It couldn't be her because she was an FP doc. (Family Practice)

I get my vitals done, there's a knock at the door...It's Ingrid! She worked with Ray our last couple of years in Iceland. She decided somewhere between Jacksonville, FL and Portsmouth, VA that she wanted to switch to OB. Could have been all those Iceland babies the FPs had to deliever.

Short story made long, cause that's how I do things, Ingrid has taken my case. I get to see the same doctor all the time! There's no guarantee she'll be there for the delivery but my appointments until then just got much easier.

I was very disappointed when I didn't get pushed out of the hospital to see my good buddy Rachel. This almost makes up for it!

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