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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's A GIRL!!!

So now I get to find out how many of you actually read this blog. We found out today that our little doodlebug is indeed a female, just as we suspected. I mean really, we have a princess room. Did anyone really think we would have anything but a girl?

I think we have also decided on a name, Bria Faith Stiff. It sounds weird to actually type it out. Poor Arleigh almost had a nervous breakdown with the tech told us it's a girl. She was worried that she would never have a name. Bria means Virtuous Woman. We thought that it fit well with God's Promise and Gift of God. It's unusual like Arleigh and Hanan. I don't why I feel the need to justify it. If you don't like it, have your own baby to name!

That's the news from here. More pictures and news later. I'm off to shop for pink bedding!


kristin said...
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kristin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Man! You make it look so easy getting a daughter!! I have to go all of the way to China to do it!!! I am so excited...Zoe and Bria will have a blast when we finally make it back there!! Bria is a beautiful name...I LOVE IT!! And it "goes" with Arleigh and Hannan in it's uniqueness!! Uncle Ray can come over here any time he needs some guy time!!! Congrats again!! Love you tons!!! Kristin

Stiff Family said...

Uncle Ray may decide to be over more than you want one week a month when everyone gets older. I have to tell you thanks. The blog you sent us was where we found Bria's name. Now, if you could just go get Zoe!

Carol said...

Congratulations!!! Bria is a beautiful name, and I am sure she will follow right along with her beautiful sisters!

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