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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Camping Trip

We're baaaaack! What a great weekend! If you read my earlier post, we were setting ourselves up for a nightmare. I thought for sure I would be passing a kidney stone in a tent in the middle of the woods. Drinking water helped. By Friday afternoon when it was time to leave, I was feeling much better. By Saturday morning even after sleeping in the woods I was my normal self. Thanks for all those prayers. It must have worked.
So, the highlight of our weekend was witnessing Nicolas Delcour's baptism. Little Nicolas is so special to us. He's one of the girls closets friends. He's a pretty normal kid now but he had a pretty rough start. He has his battle scars. He's still very small for his age. We watched as he climbed into the camp swimming pool. His little head was barely over the water. We're so proud of him. Now Arleigh is asking about what it means to be "babbatized." She's very interested in the grape juice.

The lowest point in our trip had to be the ticks. I told my mom earlier, they girls had a gazillion. Ray said that meant 3 each. Actually Arleigh had 4, Hanan had 3. Tucker faired much better. Even after rolling around in the dirt with his new girlfriend, Hazel, he only had 2.

The camping trip included some service work, lots of great food, swimming, Carter Zane's birthday party and ATV rides. The girls also rode on an ATV. Hanan especially could not get enough. She is definitely our little dare devil. If Ray was on the ATV you could bet Tucker would be at least right beside him. It didn't matter how fast he was going. Since we've been home the dog has been "all Tuckered out." This poor dog will barely move to get water.

The other highlight was a talent show held on our second night. The kids are filthy. They sang "My Last Dollar" by Tim McGraw, better known by my girls anyway as "1-2-3!" At least hearing it a million times in the car has officially paid off. I'm going to try and post a link to a video of my brilliant children later.
Hanan would say her highlight was winning a running race that included two kids who are at least 8. Hanan is fast, but she started running on "set" instead of "go." Arleigh's high point was going underwater and jumping into the deep end of the pool. She was trying really hard to go off the diving board but just couldn't bring herself to do it. We clearly need to get them off the beach and into a swimming pool.

Well, that's enough for now. According to Ray I shouldn't be posting a book every time. What can I say? I have a big mouth. I hope your weekend was a great as ours.

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