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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here We Go Again

The beginning of this pregnancy was horrible. I had a UTI and passed a kidney stone. At the time my family practice doctor kept telling me it couldn't possibly be a stone. I didn't try to catch it, but I can tell you the exact moment that I passed it. In the middle of it, I kept thinking there is no way this baby is going to be normal after going through all this. Did I mention, Ray was in Hawaii when it happened? That's one of his pictures.

If you are going to have a kidney stone during a pregnancy, I highly suggest doing it the way I did with Arleigh. I was so close to my due date, they loaded me up on morphine. After they induced me, I was too worried about contractions to worry about pain from a kidney stone. When it was all done, I had passed a couple of stones and I had a beautiful baby girl. I learned to count morphine as a blessing.

Guess what, Ray is in Tunisia. Actually, he's on his way home so he's probably in Paris. At least he's on his way. This morning I'm presenting all the signs of having another kidney stone. This early in pregnancy they usually won't give you and IV and start pushing the morphine through. In fact, I can't even get in to see my doctor for a couple of weeks unless I go the ER first. I'm home with the girls trying to pack for a Memorial Day camping trip. Trekking through the tunnel to the ER is not happening! So, I must push on.

On the advice of my wonderful friend who also happens to be an OB, I'm drinking tons of water. In fact, I can honestly say I feel my eyeballs floating. I do feel a bit better. The worst part is wondering when it will hit and waiting for it. I inherited the ability to worry about everything so worrying over my own pain comes very easily.

Say a little prayer that it I do indeed have a kidney stone, it will push it's way through quickly and easily allowing me to get on with things. Have a great Memorial Weekend. You can think about me sleeping in a tent.


Dennis & Kristina said...

Repeat after me, "Hi, Ray. Glad you're home. You guys are going to have a GREAT time camping! I'm going to stay here, sleep in our bed, and pass this stone."

Stiff Family said...

Thanks. I'm actually feeling much better thanks to Rachel's suggestion. We are only an hour from home so we're going to try. If I get worse, I'm definatley coming home!

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